Complete Detox Guide #1 Step-By-Step Guide

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Complete Detox Guide. Detoxification is not just a simple matter of going on a juice diet or going without food for an extended period of time.


Complete Detox Guide. Detoxification is not just a simple matter of going on a juice diet or going without food for an extended period of time. It goes beyond that. If anything else, it means that you’re going to have to re-examine the kind of life you are living and the kind of life you have built for yourself.

Complete Detox Guide. You can quickly discover that a lot of the things that you choose to believe to be true are actually making you sick. At the very least, they’re not helping you perform at peak levels.

Complete Detox Guide

This book teaches people from all walks of life to conduct a complete detox of their life. This detox regimen applies across the board. Whether you are suffering from mental toxins or you’re struggling with spiritual pollutants or you are faced with the standard physical adulterants that weigh you down and drag you back, this book has something for you.

By using a holistic method to detox, you will be able to live life to the fullest. If you are in any way, shape, or form unhappy, frustrated, or feeling stuck in your life, it is because you have allowed certain things to weigh you down. This is just as bad as being addicted to drugs. This is just as problematic as struggling with chemical pollution. Just because you can see it, smell it, taste it or hear it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

You know full well the effects of mental pollution. This book enables you to break free from all of that so you can live up to your fullest potential. All of us are on this planet for a purpose. The sad truth is that we have allowed certain mindsets to get the better of us and this has clouded our view of what our purpose should be.

It is no surprise that the vast majority of us are simply going through the motions. You go from hour to hour, day to day, and moment to moment with really no clear direction as to why we’re here. This book cuts through all that fog and enables you to bask in the sunlight of purpose, clarity, and meaning.

Complete Detox Guide. The Step-By-Step Guide

Quick warning: it’s very easy to just go through some sort of intellectual laundry list of the things that you should own up to. Everything that I’ve said prior to this point is very easy to intellectually compartmentalize and treat like some sort of academic information. Many people do a good job of lying to themselves because they just go down the list of all their screw-ups. At the end of the day, it doesn’t change them. They intellectually accept these.

But they don’t develop a sense of emotional urgency. In other words, it doesn’t cut close to home. Deep down inside, on an emotional level, there’s still this hermetically sealed compartment in their mind about who truly is at fault. You can say to yourself that you allowed your father to harm you. You could say to yourself that you have allowed your mother to run your life and make you feel miserable.

You can repeat that in your head like a mantra. But the problem is until it reaches on a deep and emotional level where you completely own it, nothing will change. There are so many people out there who have gone through psychiatric counseling who know their issues. But they refuse to change because whatever revelations that they have come across remain lists in their head.

Grab This Complete Detox Guide Today You’ll Also Get These…Fast Action Bonuses

Bonus #1 Detox Yourself – Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is a handy checklist that makes it easy to get started. It breaks up the entire guide into easy-to-follow steps so that you can make sure you have all the highlights of everything covered inside right at your fingertips.

Bonus #2 Detox Yourself – Mind Map

Some people learn better by looking at a mind map. The mind map gives you an overview of everything covered inside the guide. You can also print it out for quick reference anytime you need it!

Bonus #3 Detox Yourself – Resource Guide

The Resource Guide gives you a quick point of reference to all of the resources mentioned throughout the guide. This makes it easy to plug-in and stick with what you’re looking for.

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